NARRATOR:  Roy/ Ray/ Mike/ Enzo    Bella/ Cherry/ Yoyo/ Myra

WOMAN: Zoey/ phoebe

MAN: Jeremy/ Leo

WITCH: Una/ Katie/ Apple / Bonny

RAPUNZEL : Queena/ Sophia/ Chelsea/ Shelly/ Yumi

PRINCE: Daniel/Nick/ Kevin/ Jack/ Oscar

Guards: Joey/ Will/ Chale/ Yoga/ Paul

Scene 1

NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a couple and they are going to have a baby girl.

They live near a garden full of flowers. It belonged to a witch named  Dame Gothel.  

WOMAN: My darling, I want the special plants to make salad.

 MAN:   That’s the only way to get it. 

 WOMAN: Please, please, please

MAN: OK, my dear, I will go.

NARRATOR: So the man climbed the wall into the garden

MAN: AH.HA. This is for my wife.

WOMAN: It taste so good.  But, I want more. Just be careful. 

DAME GOTHEL:  Oh.Who are you?  why do you steal my plants?

 MAN+ Women: Please forgive us!

DAME GOTHEL:  I make one condition.  Give me the baby and I will be like a mother.

Woman +MAN:  Oh! No!  We can’t do that!.

DAME GOTHEL: I will kill you all. Ha, ha, ha,ha.

Scene 2

NARRATOR:  Rapunzel grew into a beautiful girl, and she took good care of her long hair. DAME GOTHEL: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me.

RAPUNZEL: Yes, mama

Song: Where are you going?

PRINCE:  I want to climb up to her, What shall I do? There are no stairs and no doors. (wait by the side) 

DAME GOTHEL: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me. (climb and go to the other side)

PRINCE: Oh!  That’s the way I can climb to the tower! Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me.

RAPUNZEL:  Oh, who are you?

PRINCE:  We are princes and we will save your life. Guards, guards, wait over here.

Guards: My lord, we are ready to fight with the witch. We can use the magic hair.

 DAME GOTHEL: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me.

RAPUNZEL: No way. We don’t want to live in the high tower anymore.

PRINCE+ Guards: Go, Guards. Here we go. Yes, we win. Hurrary!Hurrary!


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